Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yesterday I wore my apron

It was almost dinner time and I knew Gerardo would be arriving home any minute. Baby Roxy was playing and watching a Baby Einstein video while I cooked dinner in the kitchen. I realized that making fried fish while wearing a black top wasn't the best idea, since I didn't want to get my top all covered with flour. So, I decided to wear my apron. It had been a while since I'd worn it, and it felt good.
There's something about aprons that make me feel like a very good housewife. Maybe it's the old, cute pictures like this one on your left, where the woman looks like a lady, cooking and lovingly taking care of her home.

I don't wear my apron everyday like my grandma used to when she was young. Maybe if I had one like this I would wear it more often ;)

Behold, a modern apron:
 But who wants to get THAT all covered with flour? I'll stick to my old apron instead, thank you!


Sharon said...

I LOVE that modern apron. I wear my apron everyday. You're right, there's just something about being a housewife and mom and wearing an apron that just feels right. I know what's going to be on my next Christmas list! :)

Roxanna said...

haha! Isn't it super cute?! If you google aprons, you get a lot of websites that sell REALLY cute ones. Happy shopping! =)