Thursday, September 10, 2009

Small Successes Aggie Edition

1- I bought everything I needed to start making some more bows. I am working on new bows already, including football ones! Like this one for Texas A&M:

2- Speaking of Texas A&M, we went to the game last weekend, and Roxy did mmm...well, not so well, but she she enjoyed looking at the band and clapped several times when everyone else was clapping! I spent parts of the game feeding her snacks and moving to different places so she could play (didn't she look super cute?!)
It was fun spending some time at A&M with family! And we won, so =)
By the way, I graduated from UT so officially I should be a Longhorn, but I started going to A&M games with Gerardo before being a Longhorn, so I consider myself more Aggie than Longhorn...people find that funny.

3- Seven family members, including 3 kids, stayed over at our house last weekend. We had fun. Everyone was happy, that's a success!

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1 comment:

ViolinMama said...

Go AGGIES! It's in our family too!

Love the list, and your bows...CUTE!!!

Take care!! Thanks for posting!