Friday, September 4, 2009

My first 7 Quick Takes!!

1- I've been reading Conversion Diary for a while now. Isn't she funny and so intelligent?! I love your blog Jennifer, I learn so much from you.

2- Gerardo showed me a meditation from our Magnificat that reminded me how important it is to have the peace that only comes from God: "You should remember all your life that one of the principle causes of the small progress made by certain good people is that the devil continually fills their souls with disquiet, perplexities, and troubles, which render them incapable of serious, gentle, and constant application to the practice of virtue. The great principle of the interior life lies in peace of the heart: it must be preserved with such care that the moment it is lost, everything else should be abandoned for its re-establishment, just as when the house is on fire, one leaves everything in order to extinguish it…"

You can read the rest of the meditation in this blog that I found.

3- FYI: Baby Roxy turns 10 months TODAY! =)

4- I discovered a blog that I REALLY liked. Another blogger linked to it, so I clicked and became a fan right away. Go check it out, it is truly inspiring.

5- I don't know what else to write about.

6- As you can see in the video of Gerardo's last post, Roxy is starting to take a few steps with the help of things like laundry baskets.
I wanted to buy a pair of shoes for her. I was going to buy some Robeez for $29.99, but ended up buying the imitation that they sell at target for $12.99, and they've been working good so far. Roxy looks cute with little shoes. =)

7- I love it when I get Sonic coupons on the mail. That makes my day. =) Have a great labor day weekend!

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melissa garcia said...

erick and ethan each went through four or five pairs of robeez shoes before they turned 2. we loved them! they held up great, i could throw them in the laundry and they got softer the more they were worn. another great brand of shoes is see kai run--a bit more expensive but wonderful shoes.

Marie said...

I love number 5. Been reading around the quick takes for a few weeks, I think that's my favorite. . . . .

Amy said...

When do Sonic coupons come in the mail?? I found a pair of Robeez at the outlet mall for only $9.99!

Roxanna said...

Melissa, thanks for recommending those other shoes, I'll look for them in the future.

Marie, thank you. Number 5 was my favorite one also ;)

Amy, don't you get sonic coupons?! I don't know how I started getting them. I get them around once every 2 months or something.
I went to the outlet mall but didn't find Robeez that I liked. Maybe next time!