Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This and that, and that too.

So here I am. Sitting on the couch drinking a cup of milk with sugar a little bit of coffee just to give it that flavor that I miss so much. It's passed 10AM, I am supposed to be in class, but yesterday was my final exam, so summer session II is over. Today, I get to relax before starting my next and last class before graduating. I will start this on-line extension course as soon as possible and try to finish it before our baby is born. Anyway, getting four classes out of the way this summer was tough, but totally worth it.

I am feeling fine these days. I'll be 30 weeks this Friday, I feel very big and cannot imagine getting even bigger. How does that happen?
My lower back hurts sometimes. I try to do pelvic rocks everyday, and they help. It's getting difficult picking things up from the floor, so I use my toes a lot, it looks funny but it's better than having back pain after bending down.

My husband painted the nursery this past weekend. I'll post pictures soon, but we'll have to wait until he puts the chair rail this coming weekend. I really liked the colors we chose. It's light yellow, light green and light pink. I wanted the room to look peaceful and my husband is doing a really good job! Sometimes I go in there and even though it smells a lot like paint, I stand still and imagine all the moments ahead of us with this baby. We are preparing this room just for her, because we are excited and love her so much and we want our nest to be pretty, safe, and peaceful. We want her to feel loved!

Baby moves a lot these days. She is a good kicker. I hope she is moving in the correct direction, with her head at the bottom and facing my back- that's the position we want little girl, you can do it!
I'm getting excited about the upcoming baby showers. I will have two in Laredo. One from my friends from high school and the other one from my mom and my mom-in law. Here in Austin we'll have a couples one from Gerardo's co-workers and a girls one from my friends here. It's going to be so fun to celebrate the coming of this little baby. Thanks to everyone for sharing this happiness with us.

Now I'll stand up and stretch after writing this long post. My cup has no more milk and that has consequences... I need to go to the restroom, again!

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Doy gracias a Dios que te sientes bien, que mija siga creciendo bien, y que tu y Gerardo esten disfrutando con paciencia y gozo esta temporada de adviento. Que Diosito los bendiga y que la voluntad de Jesus sea la de ustedes tambien.