Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Baby's Room is Ready!

Yesterday, after almost two weeks of hard work, our baby's room is ready! I am so excited! I have to say that my husband worked really hard on this. First he had to be patient with me deciding the colors for the walls. Then he bought the materials, read online how to do it, asked friends for advice, borrowed tools from those friends (thanks JR and Cory), bought some tools for himself, and then the hard work began.
So, enough of me talking, here are the pictures~

The room before:


After! (at night)
(during the day):
The process:
First, putting the famous blue tape all over the place for painting with three different colors: yellow, green and pink!

Richard came to help:
My  brother Christian and Devin came to help the next day:

Then the next several days...
The painting was done and it was time for painting and cutting the chair rail:
Then we had a chair rail:

Then we had these (what do you call them babe?) in between each color:

Then we had a carpet to take off:

And a floor to put:

Then some other stuff that I don't even know how to say in english...
And now we have a happy couple with a remodeled room! Yay! =)

I thank God for husbands who know how to do a man's work with their big hands!


Sharon said...

That's beautiful! Awesome job!!!

veronica said...

Les quedo bien bonito!!! Que emocion!!!

Lillian said...

How beautiful!! Great job! I especially like the floors! You won't have to worry about stains.

Alexis D. said...

Great job!! Happy Nesting!!