Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My new favorite place

If you live around Austin and you likefrozen yogurt, you got to try my new favorite place: Tomunchi Frozen Yogurt- click HERE for directions, etc.

I was driving through Parmer one day and saw "frozen yogurt". I decided to go in and try it, since it was so hot outside and yogurt sounded healthy. I discovered that this is a self-serve place. They have machines with yogurts of different flavors. You can sample all of them, just ask for a small cup to sample. When you decide which one you want, get a cup, get as much yogurt as you want, then go to the bar of toppings with fresh fruits and candies and cookies and SPRINKLES! You choose whatever you want to go with your yogurt. Then they weight the cup and charge you 39 cents and ounce.
The good thing is that you get as much as you want, be sure to serve yourself just what you'll eat, and it's not expensive at all! The first time I went, it cost me like $2.20 and then $2.88 and then $3.50 (I was hungry).
I recommend the plain tart flavor with strawberries, pineapple, and granola.

Enjoy people! =)

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