Thursday, June 26, 2008

This and That

I said I was going to post more often since I'm out of school and don't have morning sickness anymore, but I do have summer school, so that's why I haven't been posting a lot.

Anyway, life is good here at the Garcia Ibarrola's. It's amazing how everyday I feel like my belly is growing and growing, is it really growing every single day or it's just my imagination? I don't know. But I do feel baby kick every day! Thank God I haven't had to worry about not feeling anything. I enjoy being able to feel AND see some baby moves. I think I am discovering the difference between feeling kicks and just feeling baby move. Gerardo has been able to feel/see the baby moving now, and it's nice because it definitely helps to BELIEVE that a baby is there inside of me. It's just so amazing and hard to imagine.

I've been taking summer classes and I'll finish first summer session, then go to Laredo to visit family (Garcia Saenz are coming!), and then come back and start summer session two. It's nice to think that it's almost over, only need second summer session and one more class that I'll take online after that. Then I'll be done!

We went to Home Depot this weekend to look at colors to paint the walls of the baby's future room and floors to change that carpet. It's going to be difficult to decide, but Gerardo has been really patient and has had great ideas! We also went to Babies 'r us to see bedding and cribs. It was so much fun...that place is HUGE! It drives me crazy wanting to buy all those cute little outfits, but I didn't, I controlled myself! The beddings didn't convince me though, I think I'll try someplace else for that. I want something more calm and peaceful instead of bright colors and large dark figures everywhere. I still have time to decide that, so no pressure, just enjoying it! =)

I was reading some of my very old posts from before we got married. It was nice to read and remember how excited I was. I want to remember how I feel these months of my first pregnancy. I started to write a diary with letters to my daughter. I'll remember what I was feeling and hopefully one day we'll sit down and read them together enjoying a glass of chocolate milk and cookies!


Jenny said...

For other options for bedding, I'd recommend USA Baby (it's way down south, but worth the drive once or twice) and Pottery Barn Kids (also south at Barton Creek Mall). I thought their bedding choices were much prettier than Babies R Us. I also got our rocker at USA Baby, as well as a few other small things that Babies R Us didn't carry. Enjoy these exciting days of planning and dreaming!! - JEN

Sharon said...

You can also try the Baby Depot at Burlington Coat Factory for more options and sometimes better prices.
These next 4 months are going to fly by and you'll be holding your baby girl before you know it!