Saturday, June 21, 2008


Friday was my 22nd birthday! The funny thing was that exactly that day I was 22 weeks pregnant.=) We had to take a picture of the belly to remember that day.
I enjoyed eating Kolaches for breakfast that my husband brought as a surprise together with flowers, a balloon and a card. My day couldn't have started in a better way. Then I spent the rest of the day on the phone with friends and family, went to Mass, the mall with a friend and then to Red Robin with a lot of friends and their kids. There were FOUR pregnant ladies in the group and lots of kids! It was fun! We had burgers, milkshakes, and cake...what else could I ask for? 
Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks to my husband for organizing it. Here are some pics:

Therese with a funny hat:
Half of the group-
Jenny, Olivia, Molly and me:
Other half of the group:
First birthday pregnant and last one before baby comes!!


Blair said...

Happy Birthday, Roxy! Looks like a super-fun day! We went to Red Robin last night :) I can't find your email address...can you send me a line at blairandsteven AT yahoo? I have a question for ya! Have a great week to the 22yr old with the 22wk old baby...can't wait to meet her :)

Alexis D. said...

Happy belated birthday! And I hope you take those Bradley classes with Karina - she's great (although our pumpkin hasn't given us a chance to use what we've learned yet...)