Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I can't believe it has already been almost three months since Lucia was born and it has been almost the same since I've written here. Life has been busy and since my first language is not English, I need to think twice before writing. So, forgive me if I don't have good grammar, now you know why that is.

Lucia is such a sweet baby. She's been smiling a lot and she started babbling already. Roxy loves her. Sometimes she wants me to hold her while I am holding Lucia, and since I just can't, she's been learning to share mommy with her little sister. She loves giving her kisses, and hugging her, and has even started playing with her, even though Lucia has no idea what's going on, she only smiles when she hears Roxy laughing. My girls keep me very busy all day long. Thankfully Lucia has been taking a long nap while Roxy naps, so I'm definitely having some time for myself in the middle of the day. I use this time to pray a little, be on the computer, rest, and do some chores around the house that I can't do while they are awake. When Gerardo comes home at night we are all very excited to see him, especially Roxy, she can't wait to play with Papi all evening long.

Here you see how Roxy's face looks like when her papi can't play with her:
 Until next time everyone!


Jen said...

LOL, I love that face! :)

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