Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Laundry solutions

I wanted something practical to separate dirty clothes. Since it's only Gerardo and me, I only do laundry about once a week. So, I was getting tired of separating the clothes by colors and then having the big piles on the floor and then grabbing them and putting into a basket and then carrying the huge basket to the laundry room. Everything took too much time. SOOOO, we bought this:

Time to do laundry? Just take the bag of the clothes you want to wash, there's whites, black, and different colors and an extra bag for towels. I love it. =)

I wonder if this is part of the "nesting" everyone talks about....


Jenny said...

Looks great! I've been looking for something similar - where'd you find it?

Roxanna said...

Hey Jenny! We got it at WalMart. I didn't find it online, but it's there at the Parmer and I35 walmart, in the laundry section.

hope you find it!