Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Update

That's my first mother's day gift from Vero, and the pictures of the first and only ultrasound so far.

Somehow my inspiration for blogging is coming back. I think it's the fact that first trimester is over and I am not feeling sick all day anymore. We are now 4 months pregnant! I can't believe how fast time is flying. Since I just finished this semester and I am not starting summer classes until later, I will try to post more often, besides, I need to practice writing in English too!

We've had the opportunity to hear the baby's heartbeat twice now, it was beautiful! Every time I've heard it, I've had watery eyes, it's just so amazing and truly a blessing.
Pregnancy is going well, I need to gain more weight though, because I haven't gained any, but now that I am out of school, with no stress, I am definitely eating more, so I don't worry about that! I never thought I would say that I need to gain weight, only happens to pregnant women I guess! I'll enjoy drinking all the milkshakes I want while it lasts!
We'll have a second ultrasound done on the end of May, and hopefully we'll now if we have a baby girl or baby boy, I'm SO excited!!!
I am not sure if I am feeling the baby move already, because I don't know how it feels, hopefully I'll recognize the feeling soon.

Yesterday during Mother's Day mass I realized how much I love this baby already, it's a beautiful new feeling. I still have a hard time believing I have a baby in my tummy, but the fact that I had to buy maternity clothes, helps.
So, here are two pictures of my little belly, even though it's little, it's growing fast. =)

Thanks for your prayers!


Devin Rose said...

Happy Mother's Day, Roxanna!

Lillian said...

Happy Mothers Day!!

veronica said...

YAY! Me encanta tu pansita!! Lo acaba de ver Enriquito y me pregunto, "Como se va a llamar el bebito?" Le dije, "No se..Me imagino o Roxanna o Gerardo"..Y luego el me dijo, "Clarissita?" Digo, no se donde saco eso! Pero bueno, me dio mucho gusto ver algo en tu blog! Ya pronto nos veremos!

Sharon said...

Happy 1st Mother's Day! The baby feels like butterflies in your tummy. :) With all our kids, I took a mini-tape recorder and recorded their heartbeats at our doctor's appointment. I still have it and I play it for them every now and then.