Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Wife the Hunter

Roxy’s dad took us to a ranch that belongs to an extremely wealthy friend of his. The ranch is nestled in the mountains south of Monterrey and boasts a game reserve with elk, aoudad (barbary) sheep, mouflon sheep, and black bucks. We spent three days there hunting and just enjoying the scenery.

Roxy impressed me when she agreed to try firing a centerfire rifle. I spent a little while coaching her on how to hold the rifle, and then she blew a can up with a 7mm Mauser at about 30 yards. Not bad for a first shot.

The owner allowed us to hunt whitetail deer and a black buck. The whitetail in the area are a smaller subspecies of their Northern Mexico brethren, so the racks were not as impressive. Still, we were able to take three mature bucks, one each by Roxy’s brother, cousin, and myself.

The buck that I took had a couple of sticker points on the G-2 tines. The G-2s are the second point that protrud from the base of each antler. This buck was chasing some does when I took him down. It was obvious he was a dominant animal, having chased does and fought off other bucks so hard that his hide hung off his body because of the weight he had lost. You can also see fight marks on his hide on the front leg. I have a little video that Roxy's cousin took when I shot the buck which I'll post later.

Roxy even got into the spirit, getting camoed up and heading hunting with me. She was able to overcome the scariness of a trek through the woods in the pitch black moments before first light to get into a good hunting position. She took the second picture below. A few moments before that, we had a javelina come up within five yards from our spot. Way to go Roxy!

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