Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Gifts

After our vacations around everywhere, we are back! My husband did a pretty good job sharing what we did (thanks baby). And yes, I know, I can't believe either that I went hunting. But I did!
It was an interesting experience, and I think I can be brave enough to repeat it sometime in the future...maybe.

On another note, I want to recommend two movies that I received as Christmas gifts from my mother-in-law and from Gerardo. You can get them at or

The first one is "Inside the Vatican". It's a documentary that National Geographic did, and it really, literally takes you Inside the Vatican. They show all the different things that are happening behind what people see. For example: nuns are restoring really old paints and statues, they have printing machines that are printing programs for upcoming events, the Pope is having an audience with someone, the Missionaries of Charity that have a house inside the Vatican are serving food to poor poeple, a man is trying to digitalize secret documents from the secret archives like for example, the only letter left that Michelangelo wrote!
Pretty good documentary, I totally recommend it!
The other movie I received is "The Life of St. Gianna Molla". This wife, mother, and doctor is a great Saint to know about. She inspires me so much!
The movie is also like a documentary and it shows the Saint's life with real pictures, family videos, and stories told by her friends, her youngest daughter and her husband! You also get to see her whole family at the canonization ceremony and when her husband and the youngest daughter (she is the one that was born before St. Gianna died) receive a blessing from the great John Paul II and when they share a few words.
The whole documentary is very inspiring and it moves your heart and can make you cry...of happiness. Totally recommend it too!
Happy movie shopping!

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Sharon said...

Those are two great movies. Every time I watch "Love is a Choice," I cry and cry. Adam says I'm not allowed to watch it at night and be sad. It reminds me everyday how being a wife and mother is a great call to holiness.