Thursday, November 1, 2007

Me in the jungle

We went to watch "Bella" yesterday, we really liked it. It has a beautiful message, which made me cry. It also inspired me, motivated me to be more faithful. I saw how beautiful our faith is...and how sad it is to know some people just have no idea. Like the people in my class which is about to start.

I'm taking a health class this semester. Teachers have to know children's anatomy and what to do if a child has an asthma attack! Everything was going great until the word "sexual education" came. Teaching kids about abstinence? Well, yes, it's probably the safest way to go, but teenagers are not going to abstain, so let's just teach them how to have "Safe sex"! Let's teach them the different "types of sex" and heterosexual as well as homosexual activities.
YES, those are the kinds of things I am "learning". Oh God, why don't they have an idea? Why don't they know that it is just WRONG! They believe in the wrong things, starting with the word itself: it's not sex, it's sexual intercourse!!

It is difficult you know, to be in the middle of a classroom where everyone believes in something different than what I believe. Should I say something? Should I contradict the teacher? Do I feel capable of doing that? No I don't. Defending my point of view, in English, is not my thing. So, what do I do God? I prayed.
Today after Mass I told Gerardo I wanted to see some flowers that were on the table at the entrance. We walked over there and to my surprise, there were some pamphlets that I had never seen before about contraception and NFP vs. the pill. They were there, waiting for me.

I won't raise my hand and tell the whole class that they are WRONG! Maybe I should, but I am not that brave. I will have my pamphlets with me, maybe I'll just put them there on top of my notes, maybe the girl that seats next to me will say something. Maybe I'll just leave them there after I leave the room. Maybe I'll defend God's law that way. I'll just try to be an instrument in the middle of this jungle.


Devin Rose said...

That's good, Roxanna. That is a really tough situation, and standing up to contradict others' incorrect beliefs is not always the best way to handle it, especially when the professor is against you. However, there are other ways to speak out for the truth, as you mentioned that you are considering.

God love you!

Clarissa said...

Que onda Roxy! Cuando lei tu post...sonrei. No porque me dio risa. Pero porque entiendo perfectamente lo que sentiste pues he pasado por eso mil y un veces. Como la niña que regresaba una extrella del mar a la vez al oceano. A lo mejor no puede salvar a todas, pero a ESA le salvo la vida. Manten la frente arriba hermana. Resa por esa gente... y resa fuerte! Dejando eso pamfletos pueden ser la semilla para UNA persona, que en 1 año deciden hacer una pregunta que la respuesta puede campiar UN punto de vista y eso puede cambiar generaciones! Love you!

Sharon said...

I will definitely keep you in prayer. I had a similar situation come up in my last job in education. I had my brochures too to hand out! :) And it peaked the interest of a few people. If there are any NFP brochures I can help you with, let me know!

Jenny said...

What a challenge you face! I have learned that we are each given different gifts and God can use our gifts to work for good, even when it isn't the obvious response. I have a friend who was in a similar situation with a pro-choice speaker coming to make a presentation to her class. She is a wonderfully sweet, somewhat shy gal and she was not prepared to debate this woman or even be in her presence. So she did what she could - she stood outside and prayed for God to use her prayers for good. And you know what happened? There were multiple technological failures right and left to the extent that the pro-choice message was not able to be conveyed! Now I, on the other hand, enjoy debate and putting a speaker on her toes, so I am inclined to engage someone when I know my stuff - and when it comes to sex education, I know my stuff from working two years in that field. So if you get to the point where you want to present logical arguments based in scientific research, you come on over and visit me and I'll fill your arsenal! The truth is that God's truth is not contradicted by the science - what our Church teaches us is what the science tells us is best for our health & well-being! I'm going to say a prayer for you right now - let us know how it goes! Your friend, JENNY

Roxanna said...

Thanks everyone! Those are really good words of encouragement.