Thursday, October 25, 2007

Oh, Candles

Ok, so I am somewhat "addicted" to candles, specially the ones that smell REALLY good. I used to buy these glade candles, specially the clean linen one (I didn't find a picture of it).

I used to think that Yankee candles were ridiculously expensive. "I'll never pay that much money for a candle", I used to say. However, when you find yourself at Beth Bath and Beyond scanning all the products that you want in your wedding registry, not scanning some Yankee candles would mean losing an opportunity to finally see what those super expensive candles are all about.
When we finally got the candles, I was VERY excited. I usually leave the best things for last, so I didn't use my Yankees until I burned all my Glades.
People: They are worth it! Now I know why they are so expensive, they really filled my whole house with their scent, a delicious smell of Country Linen.

I have a Cotton Linen one waiting for me, but since I'm used to saving the best for last, I don't know until when I'll light up that one.

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