Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's a...

Girl!! We found out Friday that baby Roxy is going to have a little sister and we are very excited! 
They are going to play with dolls together and fight over who gets what doll, wear matching clothes and bows, and laugh and learn so much from each other. I can just imagine the fun we'll have together. I am very happy that this is what God wanted for us. Gerardo said they'll both be Daddy's little girls and I've been daydreaming about our future with our two daughters since then.
Thanks be to God she looked healthy and happy!

Here are two pictures:


Yay! We can't wait to meet you beautiful!

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abuelita said...

Doble cuchicu!!!Que festejo!!!! A jugar se a dicho......y disfrutar a mis nietas!!!!!!Wow! que emocion. Mil felicidades mija! :) Can't wait to meet _______(fill in the blank-Ha!)