Friday, December 4, 2009

Our little one

Yesterday we got to see our new little one for the first time. It was so amazing. Before that, it was all nausea and fatigue. Now I feel that the fact that there's a baby growing inside me is more real.

We saw the baby moving and everything, he/she is not even two inches long and it's already moving! I can't wait to feel those kicks.

So here she/he is: Baby G #2-    10 weeks and 4 days old:

Thanks be to God.

We love you baby.


Jen said...

Hello, little one! Welcome!!

When I pulled up the website, Olivia said, "Who's baby is that?" Without any coaching, she already knows - if a 4-year-old can see what's there in black and white, how can a grown up be confused about what a baby looks like!!

Alexis D. said...

what a cutie! I just love the sonogram pics. From the mouth of babes, Jenny!