Thursday, October 8, 2009

Small Successes


1- I survived one week without Gerardo while he went hunting. I got sick, baby got sick, but we're all fine now...we survived that too.

2- I finally bought some baskets to organize a box full of...let's just call it stuff. It's a white box that doesn't look pretty at all in the living room. After I organize everything in these baskets that I bought, it will look pretty and I'll actually know what's in there.

3- We went to the beach last weekend. I controlled myself and didn't start screaming like a crazy mom when baby Roxy started crawling right into the ocean! She's an adventurer. She loved the beach, and I loved watching her love it. We enjoyed our little vacation!

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Jessica said...

I enjoyed reading your list!

We always seem to get sick when my husband is out of town too... So glad you are feeling better and had a fun time at the ocean! Such cute pictures!

Alexis D. said...

It's soo hard without the daddies around! Glad you had a good to get my small successes done!