Thursday, August 27, 2009

My First Small Successes


This is the first time I participate in something like this, I'm excited!

1-  Couple of weeks ago, wait was it last week? I don't remember when, but I hosted TWO playdates in one week, and my house was fairly clean. Thankyou!

2- I started blogging more often and I asked my husband to help me with the look of our blog. He did a really nice job, but it was MY small success being patient with my perfectionist dear husband. =)

3- I washed TWO loads of laundry in one day AND folded it AND put it all away before Gerardo came home from work. This might be smaller than a small success for some moms out there, but not for me. I didn't leave it in the basket to put it away "later"...that's huge!

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Thanks for reading!


Barbara said...

You're right--even if the laundry success sounds small, it's still you taking a step towards self-discipline and good habits, both of which have a BIG payoff in the end.

Great work!

ViolinMama said...

Love this! Welcome!!!!! What great and humble, successes :) You brightened and inspired my day sharing them!

Farmer's City Wife said...

The laundry success wasn't small -- it was monumental :). You've inspired me to go do the same!

JJ's Mom said...

Welcome to Small Successes! We're excited to have you! Congrats on getting through laundry..and share your blog success with your husband-it looks GREAT! See you next week.

Roxanna said...

Thank you moms!! Reading your comments made my day.
God bless you! =)