Friday, May 8, 2009

Little Roxy is 6 months old!

(by Roxy using Gerardo's account)

Little Roxy is 6 months old...and mommy and daddy are falling more in love with her everyday. She has two teeth already and is semi-crawling which is making us baby-proof the house!

Here she is on her 6 month birthday:

On her new highchair eating carrots. She has eaten carrots, bananas and green beans so far. So far, so good!
Here she is with Daddy- totally in love with her. 

And today we went to a sprinkler park with the Andrews and the girls looked VERY cute in their swimming suits!
Happy Spring!


Jenny said...

Ah, que bonita que son!! Gracias por venir ayer.

Alexis D. said...

How cute! I want to take Nate to the sprinkler park!! Happy 1/2 year birthday Roxy!!

Anonymous said...

No puedoo esta hermosisima! me encanto el trajesito de baƱoo las quiero mucho! te voy a visitar en el verano I promise!:)