Sunday, March 15, 2009

Roxy 4 Month Videos

We have some new videos of our baby girl. The first one is her enjoying a bouncer seat that her grandfather Jorge gave her. You can tell she gets the hang of it real quick.

The next one is Roxy laughing as Dad makes some dog-like noises. You can tell I'm beyond shame in making noises that she enjoys. Towards the end of the video she lets out a long babble-shriek, which is fast becoming her trademark. 


veronica said...

le estaba ensenando a Enriquito su primita y me dijo.."esta bien bonita!"...ojala ya en dos meses la vemos

Alexandra said...

me encantaron los videos!!! ese grito de al ultimo la movio! siempre se me olvida que en el blog ponen mas cosas que en facebook!!