Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Due date-16 Days

Hello, I'm still here, pregnant! Everything is going well, I haven't had any complications, so at this point, we are just waiting. My due date is in 16 days, but like the doctor said yesterday, it can be two weeks before, or even two weeks AFTER my due date. He said only 3% of women have their babies on their due dates. It's strange to think about it, the baby could come tomorrow, or could come until the first week of November! I'm just wondering when her birthday will be. We are all ready, though. Well we are waiting for the car seat and stroller to come in the mail. We have the room ready, clothes ready, the suitcase that we'll take to the hospital is almost ready. We bought a swing from craigslist last saturday, so we have that. I already washed all the new clothes and blankets and towels, etc. They are nice and clean and that makes me feel good, it's all part of the nesting, that's what they told me.
I haven't had any contractions yet, and I'm not looking forward to having them, but at the same time I hope they'll come soon.

Ok- so here's my progress:

First Trimester:

Second trimester:
Third Trimester:I'll try to post another update soon. I want to thank Sharon, Katie and Jenny for the beautiful baby shower they organized for me. I'll have a lot of Saints praying for me during labor thanks to them. =)
I also want to thank Veronica and Blair for staying with me while our husbands were hunting in Colorado. It was a busy week having 6 kids around, but it would've been boring being all alone here. I learned a lot from you two great moms. =)

Oh, and I almost forgot: When do you think Baby Garcia will come? How much will she weigh? Just for fun, leave us a comment if you want! We'll give you a price if you guess correctly...maybe a kiss from a newborn baby girl? Or a picture?
Gerardo and I already have our guesses, what's yours?


Adam said...

Oct 28 (Feasts of Simon and Jude), 7 lb 13 oz. Come on baby Garcia! Big money! Big money!

Alexis D. said...

I'm going for All Saints Day - Nov. 1. What could be a better birthday! And I'll say 6 lbs 10 oz.

Lillian said...

October 23, 7 lbs. 8 oz.

I'll race you!! ;-)

Maria Therese said...

Oct. 19th 6 lbs 5 oz.

If I'm correct, you don't need to send me a prize. All we pray for is that you and baby will have a safe and happy delivery!

I will pray to St. Gerard for a safe delivery.

May God Bless you, the daddy, and precious baby girl.

Maria :)

Devin Rose said...

October 25, 7 lbs. 0 oz.