Wednesday, October 29, 2008


She's still inside me. It's getting colder and colder outside...why would she want to come out?

PLEASE pray so she comes alone, I don't want to be induced and that would happen next week. We still have time, though, and we have HOPE! =)

Thanks for all the comments and advice. I am trying to rest, but I don't want to rest too much because they say walking helps get labor started, so I am balancing both.

Oh, and at this point, you should look at people's faces when I answer that I was due "mmm...4 days ago!", they just say, "Oh goodness, any moment now, then!!".
Yep, any moment now, that's what we've been saying too.


AmyHamand said...

My sister and I both went to Olive Garden the night before our babies were born. It couldn't hurt to try. :-) You are in our prayers!

Lillian said...

You know what .... we were at Olive Garden the night before too!! LOL!! Hmmmmm ....

Please know you're in my prayers and that she will arrive sooner than you know. Can't wait for the both of you!!!

Roxanna said...

hahaha! how funny. Today's our "date night" so Olive Garden is an option. I'll go convince Gerardo. =)

Thanks to both.

Jesurgislac said...

I'm an atheist: but I certainly wish you well.