Sunday, April 20, 2008

Flower Garden!

Planting a flower garden is definitely a newlywed adventure! 

I've never had a very green thumb, but for some reason, I got it in me to start a flower garden in front of our home. I talked to Roxy about it and she got pretty excited, so last weekend, I got after it.

The area where we were planting the flowers had some juniper and some weeds I needed to get rid of before planting the flowers.

Here I'm digging up some of the weeds

This was the juniper that took a lot longer than I expected to dig up.

After digging it up, here I started prepping the ground by mixing in some organic soil from Lowe's

It got dark before we were able to start planting our flowers. We picked the flowers up at Lowe's and pretty much decided on the flowers on a whim. We planted a Winter Gem Boxwood, a couple of Stella de Oro Daylilies, a Raspberry Surprise Dianthus, some Aztec grass, and finally, Roxy couldn't pass up getting a Farolito Lily

Here's Roxy watering the plants.

Here I am adding some mulch

This was the next afternoon.

A week later, our Farolito Lily was already blooming!

And here's our Raspberry Surprise Dianthus. 

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