Friday, December 7, 2007

School, Flanes and Names.

After 4 tests this week, I am done! I still have two finals to take, but at least I have a week without classes and papers, to relax and prepare for the finals.

I can't believe the semester is over. I remember before we got married, I wondered how it was going to be a wife and a student! I didn't want to be all stressed about school in my home, I wanted to keep it peaceful, but being a full time student comes with some stress.
Now that the semester is over, I realize it wasn't too bad at all! There were some days when I felt horribly bad because I hadn't cooked for my husband all week, or I didn't have time to do the laundry because I needed to study or write a paper. But Gerardo was always very helpful, NEVER complained, and always offered to do the things sometimes I couldn't do. He cooked, did laundry, cleaned, etc. He did it with a smile and reminding me that this is all about Team Work! I love my teammate!

Now that I'm almost totally free from school, besides turning my house beautifully clean again, I am selling "Mexican Flanes" from my kitchen! I already have several several orders in. I am excited, hopefully everyone will like their flan.

I still have to figure out a name for this blog. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Happy Friday everyone!

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