Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Flan Adventure

Friday was the day I was going to deliver the first flan order! Excited, I baked and decorated the flan carefully. When it was ready, I transfered the flan delicately to my truck. You see, the flan owner asked me to put the flan in her cake stand, instead of the plastic thing you see below. So I followed her instructions! The thing is, that cake stands are hard to keep stable in a truck... specially after you have to push the brakes hard because the car in front of you did so.
You guessed it, I had to come back home and start everything all over again...

Can you believe it?!!!

After crying like a little girl, I had to put my patience into practice and even go to HEB to buy more ingredients.
I put the cake stand in a box for the second attempt, and it worked. The flan arrived safe and yummi to its destination. Thank goodness! That was my first flan adventure, hope the next ones are more pleasant, I'm sure they will be--now I have experience!

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