Friday, October 12, 2007

Last weekend

Last weekend we went to a "Family Retreat" that the Brothers of St. John organized at a ranch in Buda. It was SO much fun. We got to sleep on a little tent:
There were about 50 families....with their kids! There were A LOT of tents!
The kids were so lucky! I wish something like this existed when I was growing up! It was huge, I'd never seen something like that:
And they also had a field to play soccer.
The Families were separated into groups and rotated from one station to the other. On station was just fun, playing soccer etc. The next station was Adoration with the Sisters of St. was beautiful, they would sing and say things that helped me concentrate better. I was impressed watching the kids all very silent and still, praying in from of Jesus. it was Great!
And the other station was Catechism. One of the Brothers talked about some Eucharistic miracles and why Adoration is REALLY important.

The kids got to swim afterwards. And I forgot to mention that they had Adoration ALL night the night before. We got to spend time with Jesus in the middle of the night.

I hope one day we can go there with two tents and lots of kids running around!


drozmonkey said...

WOW! That sounds and looks like it was really cool. If they have it again next year we'd definitely be interested. We're always looking for family friendly activities. I think there is a lot of wisdom in your last statement about going with two tents when you have kids. We found trying to sleep in the same tent as a one year old very interesting. She had a great time but no one got any sleep.


Roxanna said...

Hahaha! Hey JR! I didn't know you read our blog- that's great!
We'll definitely let you know when is the next one...and Olivia can sleep with us!! Please?

Blair said...

Looks like loads of fun! I'm pretty sure my friend Lillian from Smithflections and her family were there (her blog is linked on my sidebar)!

Lillian said...

Wonderful pictures!! It was so nice meeting the both of you!